About siberian cats

About Siberian cats
Everyone who likes Siberian cats is welcome to visit our site. “The  Siberian cat” is a magnificent breed. This breed is called by western felinologes as “a royal cat”. In their opinion, such fluffy beauty can cause the furor not only at a prestigious cat's exhibition, but also on the royal court. Siberians are surprisingly combined in themselves a kind, tender character and good health with stately calmness and instant reaction of a wood beast. There is no allergy on a coat of these cats. We will tell you, how the real Siberian cat looks like. We will introduce our cattery, and you will see photos of our favorites.
If you have decided to buy Siberian kitten, go on a page “Kittens for you”.

Look at our kids, they are the robust fellows. 

Good luck to you!

Nataliya Bashkirova